Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

I made a cake a while back that had puppy prints going across it, and a friend asked if it was for a dog or a people.  That particular cake was for a people, but I told her I would certainly be happy to give a dog cake a try. 

Well, the little guy's birthday arrived and I got the call. 

I decided to replicate the pup.  I didn't want to use a bunch of food coloring, so tried to keep pretty natural colors.  I did try to crunch up dark dog biscuits and add it to the frosting to darken it, but did end up adding a tiny bit of food coloring to match the pup's locks.

The cake is a peanut butter carrot cake, then I made the frosting from cream cheese and yogurt.  It was actually a pretty good consistency to work with.  To make the lighter brown color, I added a little peanut butter to the frosting.

I had a blast working on this!  It was an adventure to decorate within the limits of dog friendly materials.  I will say, doing this will break of the habit of licking your utensils to see if it's tasting right.  I got close, then smelled dog treat and quickly backed away. 

Now the pup was apparently a little taken aback by his dog cake.  His Mommy set it up, and the real dog was growling at it like it was a real dog.  I don't think it's that realistic, but he was a little freaked out.  Plus, it smelled like yummies, not a different dog.  Getting the picture taken was apparently a little challenging because of this, but so worth it!

While I was working on this, I also whipped up some peanut butter dog treats.  My pup is LOVING them.  But now both the dog and the 4 year old are confused.  Now they both think that anything Mommy makes is for them.  Poor kids!

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  1. Nice job, Shannon! That's a terrific likeness in cake form.

    Keep this up and you'll be top dog in the bakery biz. And then everyone will hound you for autographs...