Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Barbie cake #2 just delivered!  The party was at Chucky Cheese, so it was kind of fun to walk through everyone with the cake.  There was even one little boy I heard say, 'look at that cake!'  (I suspect his father went on high alert when he saw the cake.)

But the best part was seeing the birthday girl's face.  The cake was a surprise for her.  When I walked back she looked up, then her eyes got really big.  She looked at her Dad, then her Mom, who was walking with me, announced this was her surprise cake.  What a smile when she realized it was all for her!

I really enjoy doing the Barbie cakes.  The previous one was fondant and gum paste, this one was all frosting.  I loved the the skirt in frosting, but the bodice was a bit troublesome.  I didn't want her to look chubby, and getting the Grand Tetons covered modestly, but not overdone, took a little work.

I was happy with the design and love the little pearls to up the fancy quotient.  One of my college majors was apparel design.  Yay!  I'm using things I learned....learned a long time ago. 

I'm looking forward to getting another request.  The possibilites and the ability to blend the mediums are endless.

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