Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cake of Dragon

So who in their right mind decides for their first fondant covered cake to make a DRAGON!  Not a little round cake, or a square...A DRAGON!


My first attempt to shape krispie treats into the shape of a dragon then cover it in fondant was an EPIC fail.  That whole "it looks so easy on TV" think got me. 

My second concept went well...until I changed my mind.  I was going to do a smaller fondant figure of the dragon on a volcano cake.  I know how to do the figures and that seemed a pretty safe bet.  Then yesterday...yes...the day before I am to deliver the cake, I find this:

That could be cool, and one of the reasons I asked to do the cake was to be able to try something new.  So I went for it.  I already had baked two round cakes so I had everything I needed.

Stage one:  The basic shape

I then frosted this with chocolate cream cheese favorite!

Fondant Stage:

Yeah....practice makes perfect.  The base went on pretty well, but a little short in a couple spots, did a little patching, then started working on the face.  The spikes went well, but I did a couple of different things before I decided the mouth needed carved out.  Wings...needed more time to dry, but they did the job.  My main issue was I wanted it fierce, not cute.  Apparently big teeth, a unibrow and heavy eyeliner = fierce (or fiercer anyway).  My son was concerned that it would scare the birthday girl and make her cry, I figured at 13 she could handle it.

The birthday girl's Dad suggested the dragon sitting on a pile of gold.  Metallic food kinda freaks me I looked for candy with gold wrapper...Rolo's filled to bill perfectly, then added some party favor rings. 

All in all, didn't turn out too bad and I learned a ton.  Hopefully the birthday girl enjoys it. 


  1. Hi. I realize this is really old but I love the dragon and the original site is no longer live. Can you help with a pattern?