Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who likes chai?

MEEEE!!!!  *As I run around my living room chanting 'I Love Chai!'*  Okay...I'm not actually running around my living room chanting 'I love chai!'  It would give my son ideas and my husband concerns.  I do however love chai. 

I have a cupcake recipe I've made in the past that calls for coffee, there are a lot of those out there combining coffee and chocolate.  I'd recently made them, then happened to be walking by a Starbucks.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love me some chai tea...if you haven't figured it out.

Then it hit me.  Chai Chocolate Cupcakes.  The sky opened and angels sang. 

Now how to implement the chai.  I actually chose the powdered chai latte in those little tins.  It would store well, I could experiment with the amounts, and it wasn't expensive just in case it just really didn't work.

It worked.  I frosted with chocolate cream cheese frosting and took some to work. One of my co-workers said she would do a commercial for me where she would exagerattedly eat one of the cupcakes with a look of joy and wonder while saying nom nom nom. 

Now...to join my son running around the living room chanting 'I love chai and Iron Man!....'

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  1. that sounds amazing. I love chai myself, but today (i work for starbucks) someone came in and ordered a chai tea latte with cinnamin dolche syrup ... i was thinking ewww but it smelled so great. So i might have to try some of that. Alot of my cake pop flavors were based off of starbucks seasonal drinks! Its always fun to pair up with their flavors in an edible form!