Wednesday, January 19, 2011

D & D

Last night I started working on a cake for a good friend's daughter.  Being her father's daughter, she's huge into science fiction, fantasy, and comics.  I love these too, so I was excited to be able to do a cake for her.  Hopefully it turns out, I'm still new to the whole decorating thing and this is pretty ambitious.  I will definitely post pics (good or awesome) when it's done.  I'm still at the beginning stages.

One thing to keep in mind for Mom's of boys...girls like this are AWESOME!  She gets a little flack for being so into things that should be 'boy' territory.  Mom's let your boys know, girls like this grow up sexy, will want to play video games with him, she swon't drag  you to chick flicks, can likely kick their butt with a light saber and will allow the vintage collection of Star Wars collectable to be displayed in the living room vs. being boxed up in the basement.

My inspiration for the cake....we'll see how close I get...fingers crossed.

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