Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I had in the oven 5 years ago...

A bun.

Okay, a baby.  I have a syndrome and wasn't sure if I could become pregnant.  When I realized I was...SO EXCITED!  I was 36 years old and starting a whole new chapter.

I felt awesome during my pregnancy.  No morning sickness!  I was happy and had some good energy for portions.  I was also excited that we were able to find out it was a boy.  At the ultrasound it was pretty obvious...he had one leg up again his ear and his bits were right there for anyone to see.

I did have a few complications:

My Age
My Blood Pressure
Gestational Diabetes
RH Negative
Large Fibriods
Undersized Baby

For the last two weeks of my pregnancy we spent every other day running to doctors having stress tests, non-stress tests and ultrasounds.  I think I knew a couple of months in I was destined for a c-section, which I was fine with.  Now to convince the doctors.  Finally at 8:45 in the evening the doctors came in and let us know if was c-section time.  I think they were a little shocked when we cheered. 

Killian was born healthy, if small at 5 lbs and 1oz not quite 2 weeks before his due date.  He finally got on 'the chart' at age 3 for weight.  He's an animated, active, tall, skinny kid and my miracle baby.

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