Monday, January 10, 2011

I was hijacked...

I've been pondering blogging for a while and decided I wanted to start blogging about the baking I've been doing.  I have so been enjoying pulling the different flavors together and the rolling avalanche of ideas it becomes.  The things I enjoy have always seemed to be taking elements and putting them together to create something new.  And in this case...tastes good.

Tonite I was going to start on experimenting with a certain type of pastry that will, at this time, remain secret to entice you to come back for further posts. 

The hijacking:  I started pulling down the baking ingredients...and my four year old son quickly knew what he wanted...BROWNIES!  I know this because he yelled 'BROWNIES!' at the top of his lungs and started doing a little dance.  That really wasn't my plan.  Then my husband jumped on the hijacking bandwagon.  They sat next to each other, gave me the 'cute faces' and said please.  How on earth could I resist that?  There's no saying no to cute faces on your two favorite guys. 

So peanut butter swirled chocolate brownies with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips (had no peanut butter chips so punted...and it worked) were baked. 

My son likes to help pour in the ingredients, then stand with his hands over his ears while the mixer goes.  This is actually a huge improvement from him running screaming from the kitchen to his bedroom when it was time to mix.  Each guy got a beater, then we enjoyed the end result with a little bit of chocolate chip ice cream served while the brownies were still warm.

Tomorrow I will distract them with the brownies we made tonite so I can get back to my plan.  At least that's what I hope happens.  You just never know. 

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  1. those brownies sound delicious! I of course had to read this while my boyfriend was playing Call Of Duty due to the fact that if he read any of this over my shoulder i would be on brownie duty yet again! Last batch that was made was a chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie! delicious.

    Well good luck on your attempt to bake again. Lets hope your boys focus on what was made for them last night.