Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cupcake Bouquet

I have my first prototype of my cupcake bouquet.  These can be individualized by color and concept.  This one is a little more 'adult', but fabric can be fun hearts and more valentine's like.  Sky's the limit.  I am pondering putting some small cookie hearts (on a stick) to fill in some space, but that would not affect the $25 price.

A cookie bouquet will be posted tomorrow.  The sugar cookie dough needs to chill for quite a while before it's easy to work with.  Again, so many option.  Hearts, xoxoxox, love bugs (butterflies and then ladybugs made from a heart cookie cutter), flowers...and again, any color or style you would like. 

Then delivered to you or your valentine...your choice. 

And I will guarantee I will do no singing telegram one needs their valentine's day ruined by my singing.  The true temptation was to dress my blonde little 4 year old boy like cupid and have him deliver...but it's too cold for that.  Sorry!  (Plus he may do some damage if I gave him a little bow and arrow.)

Please let me know if you have additional questions or requests.  Email me at , post to comments, or contact me through Facebook.

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