Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gimme some sugar!

Sugar cookies that is.  A former co-worker had told her group, which was having a baby shower for one of their co-workers, she would bring some decorated sugar cookies.  Unfortunately she got pink eye, so gave me a call.  I suspect her co-workers, and especially the mother-to-be, were appreciative of that.

My friend had asked for little cookies with pastel frosting.  I could have just done some little round cookies and smacked some frosting on them and been done...but what's the fun of that?  And that would barely make a mess!  So I made these instead.

Now if you are interested in learning about decorating sugar cookies, recipes for batter or frosting, or just see what kind of skills people have, I highly recommend http://www.cookiedecorator.com/forum.php.  There are people of all level and skill sets that are so happy to help and share ideas and expertise on this board.  Some of the things these people can do are amazing! 

It was fun to go into 'work' and see people.  Last Thursday I was laid off my job of almost 17 years, so I was glad to go in and assure people I was doing well and share something I love doing.  As typical, I don't so much miss the job, but do miss my friends there.  The support and kind words have been overwhelming and I couldn't be more appreciative.  But hopefully I can turn the frown upside down and do something I really feel passionate about and make a living at it.  We'll certainly see.  The initial purpose of starting this blog was to get people interested, then slowly add items to sell.  Not suprisingly, that process will be speeding up now. 

But now I'm off to play...cause it's really hard to type with a 4 year old in my lap and a 70 pound dog attempting to supplant him and take his spot.  Many days I feel like I'm playing king of the hill....except I'm the hill......

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  1. those are the cutest darn cookies i have ever seen.