Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Seussian...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
      -Dr Seuss

Love that quote.

Today was delivery of baby shower #2's treats.  Dr Seuss themed cake and cupcakes.  The cake was an obvious choice...the Cat's Hat.

I didn't want to do a straight up/down hat, cause the Cat's hat is jauntier than that.  And I wanted it semi tall, so started looking at how to stabilize so it wouldn't topple over sideways or slide.  Thank you for help with that.  It is, however, hard to really gauge how tall your dowel needs to be for that stabilization.  I didn't want it too short, then have to unbuild and perhaps make the cakes themselves less stable...but I overestimated by about 4 inches. 

So I welcomed a new baking tool into the arsenal.

It was kind of awesome. 

I did wash it up well and covered the cake before clipping off those extra couple of inches of dowel rod.

I am pushing a little on this with it's jauntiness, and a small portion of the top did not survive the trip to the shower.  I was crushed!  The hostess and mommy-to-be just twirled it and hid the gap and were so gracious.  Again, thankful for good friend who are helping me through my learning curve and being so supportive. 

The cupcakes, however, I loved and they did not have any damage during the trip!

I did mostly 2D cupcake toppers inspired by Dr. Seuss stories. 

So, try new yourself.....check....clean up after yourself and save the planet..........getting to the cleaning up after myself....after all this, I'm pooped!

Big congrats to Eric and Jami!


  1. What a beautiful cake and gorgus cookies. You have a beautiful blog.