Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Puppy and the Princess

It's so odd how you can be working on two cakes for one party and how one can go so smoothly...and the other....not so much.

Now part of that is that one was for an adult and a more simple design.  The customer said to have something dog related.  I actually was inspired by my own high school graduation cake.  No the cake did not have puppies on it.  It wa actually more of a cat issue. My mom had just brought the cake in, set it down...and one of our cats went tiptoeing across it.  Luckily it was still in the box, but it did get a little smooshed.  Mom did her best to fix it up, she was so upset, we hadn't even had a chance to take a picture of it yet.

Now the next cake was for this individuals niece who was turning 3.  I had so many epic ideas!  And it felt like everything I tried turned out...odd.  I try to keep in mind that a person is their own worst critic and that I still have a learning curve, but I wanted to make this so cool.

Now the pictures are not actually what left my house.  When I was shopping I saw pink cotton candy and thought that could be something cool and fun for the cake.  What I learned was that when you leave it sit for a ends up looking like matted clown hair. 

Not so festive.

So imagine where you see fluffy cotton roses.

Now some of the things I liked...I loved how the turrets turned out!  They were so sparkly and pretty.  And I like the pearl candies (the cat enjoyed them too, several pinged to the floor and she was chasing them like a kitten).  And I suspect the tiara, which lights up, will be a hit with the birthday girl. 

I'm really hoping to get another chance at a castle cake when I'm in a good groove.  I would not say this is a bad cake, but there is so much potential if I had more time. 

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