Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Great Tastes...

that go great together.  Or sometimes three.

Tomorrow is Food Day at my husband's work so he requested my chocolate cupcakes.  This recipe is cake meets brownie meets awesome!  No problem whipping up 2 dozen of these. 

But there was a little bit of batter left over.  I have been dying to try a Chocolate Irish Cream cupcake.  So I made some mini cupcakes to try. 

I love mini cupcakes.  Just a bite size (well, two bites in my case) bit of yumminess.  I had a little whipped cream in the fridge and that was just to perfect way to top off this flavorable little nibble.

While we were on a roll, we decided it was time for our nod to Elvis.  My husband got the Elvis tunes going and we whipped up peanut butter cupcakes, then banana frosting and bacon for the top.  The peanut butter cupcakes were moist and rich, the the banana frosting had a lot of punch.  You have to take a balanced bite or one with overcome the other.  I, as of now, have not been brave enough to try the bacon topping.

We tried two versions of the bacon, just bacon and then candied bacon.  The candied bacon didn't really work this time.  It was chewy in a not good way, so we chucked it.

I also wish I would have had some silver or gold cupcakes papers.  Plain white just doesn't do Elvis the justice he deserves. 

My son really got into the rock star thing today as well.  He was rocking out with his back scratcher guitar and dancing a bunch today.  May have been attitude, may have been the sugar high from licking the beaters.  He really wanted stars on his peanut butter cupcakes, so he and his Daddy worked on that.

It may take things a little longer to get done, and may be a little messier...but there's nothing better than the whole family baking together.  Even in our tiny little galley kitchen.

And then, lo and behold, there was peanut butter batter left.  Well what else could I do but add chocolate to it.  Cause I'm not sure there is much better the chocolate and peanut butter together.  Again, just a little whipped cream on these bite-size delights.

If you are looking for treats for an upcoming occasion (even if you have to create an occasion, look at the success Hallmark has had with that), all four of these are options for ordering. 

Now I've just realized that even though the rest of the family has gone to bed, NickJr is still on TV in the living room.  Not a big Go, Diego, Go fan unless the child is making me.  Time to find something with real people on TV, and relax for a little while. 

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